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  • Jack Dumper BSD Beverage Wherizona Bike Check

    Shout out to Jack Dumper for treating his bike to some fresh new parts, getting it all dialed in for the spring and summer!

    The BSD Beverage Wherizona frame and Shadow Penumbra Solus Jones 3 Seat/Post combo go together wonderfully, the Stolen Joint Tyres in Red keep him rolling and the splash of chrome/polished parts add a touch of class. Jack is going to find the geometry so much better and i look forward to seeing what he learns next!

    Frame: BSD Beverage Wherizona Frame - 20.65"
    Bars: Demolition Rig Bars
    Forks: ABD - Chrome
    Cranks: Salt Plus Cranks
    Front wheel: Salt Plus Female Front
    Back wheel: Salt Plus Cassette Rear
    Pegs: N/A
    Tyres: Stolen Joint 2.3"
    Chain: Salt Plus
    Grips: BSD Dan Paley Slims Grips
    Seat/seat post: Shadow Penumbra Solus Jones Mid 3 Seat and Post Combo
    Pedals: DUO PC Pedals - Red
    Sprocket: Salt Plus 25T
    Stem: Salt Plus Top Load Stem

    After you have checked out these photo's of his bike, re-watch his edit from the summer.

     photo Jack_Dumper_BSD_Bike_Check_FB.jpg

     photo Jack_Dumper_BSD_Bike_Check2_FB.jpg

     photo Jack_Dumper_BSD_Bike_Check3_FB.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Michael Jordan out in Malaga!

    #CrucialGang MJ is out in Malaga at the moment with a bunch of rad dudes, they are on a little vacation and it seems like they got caught up in some sort of BMX Jam! Massive Table!

     photo 10408883_781756511895010_4763383278495244558_n.jpg

  • Holly Bendall filming with Board Of Media!

    Holly Bendall is a girl of many talents, she is also very smart and has her head properly screwed on. It was great to hear that she is on the BMX and filming with a company called Board Of Media about gender equality in extreme action sports.

    We can't wait to promote this video when it drops, to see a sneak preview of her in action check out the picture and video below!


     photo 11012754_768787559866902_6796587937215696546_n.jpg

  • Cirencester Skatepark Video featuring #CrucialGang

    This cool little video popped up out of nowhere from last summer, Cirencester skatepark had just opened and we were there riding when they filmed this. At the time i had no idea we were actually being filmed but its cool that they included a few shots, in particular one of me doing a table out of the small mini-ramp....


     photo Lads_Cirencester.png

    Me - Table
     photo Me_Table_Cirencester.png

  • The Deep South Winter BMX Racing Series Results!

    During the winter a few of our riders decided to venture out of the Devon and Cornwall and hit the “ The Deep South Series “ This was five rounds held by five Clubs…

    1st Round  - Andover 
    2nd Round - Gosport 
    3rd Round - Runnymeade 
    4th Round - Bournmouth 
    5th Round - Knightwood 

    First of all we would like to say thank you to all the clubs for such great hospitality, it was a pleasure trading and riding at your tracks. We saw old friends and more importantly made new friends. The riding was fast, fun and full of good banter, the kind of riding we are all about!

    We recently took Mitch Bomroff onto our team and he has been training hard all winter and it definitely paid off as we are really happy for him as he landed a 1st place for under 16’s… so well done Mitch! 

    How can we not forget another rider of ours getting a 1st place and absolute smashed it in 10 year old girls… Lauren Hill !!! Well done Lauren 

    Lee Sweetland stepped his game up and went in for regional elite and managed to grab a 2nd place! 

    In the 30+ group two of our riders had entered and Jason Hill walked away with 5th place with our shop manager Danny Taylor smashing it and taking 2nd overall ! 

    Once again thank you for all the good times… it was cold, wet, windy but it didn't stop the Deep South Series being five weekends of pure enjoyment! 

    Thanks for reading this and for all your continuos support on and off the track from all of us at CrucialBMX. 

  • Crucial Custom WeThePeople Sterling BMX Bike - Toby McNaught

    Its been a while since we have featured one of our custom bikes on here! Getting close for almost 9-10 months, incredible, all down to a lack of time. Going to try and pull my finger out this year and really show you all what goes on here as we have custom bikes leaving us almost daily...

    I guess this brings me on to talking about this awesome looking Crucial Custom Bike that you see before you! It's based on the WeThePeople Sterling Frame. Unfortunately i don't have any elaborate story to go along with this one, the owner Toby McNaught is a good friend of mine and wanted to put together his dream bike for the start of 2015 so with the help from us here at CrucialBMX that's exactly what we did!

    I think the bike speaks for itself so i'm going to shut the hell up and let you enjoy the specification and picture!

    FRAME: WeThePeople Sterling Frame - Black
    FORKS: Fit Blade Forks - Black
    BARS: United 8 Inch Bars - Black
    HEADSET: Shadow Stacked Integrated
    STEM: Shadow Ravager Top Load Stem - Copper Tie-Dye
    GRIPS: subrosa Villicus V2 Grips - Tie-Dye
    CRANKS: Stranger Crux Cranks
    SPROCKET: Eclat Vent Full Guard Sprocket
    PEDALS: Odyssey JCPC Pedals
    CHAIN: Shadow Interlock V2 Half-Link Chain - Copper Tie-Dye
    SEAT: Cult Dehart Pivotal Seat
    SEAT POST: Shadow Pivotal - Copper Tie-Dye
    REAR HUB: Shadow Raptor Female Front Hub
    FRONT HUB: Shadow Raptor Freecoaster
    HUB GUARDS: Shadow Rant V2 (F) & FBM Guard (R)
    RIMS: Odyssey 7KA Rims
    PEGS: Shadow Slide Or Die PC x 3
    TYRES: Subrosa Strada Tyres

     photo Toby_WTP_Sterlin_Side2.jpg

     photo Toby_WTP_Sterlin_Side1.jpg

     photo Toby_WTP_Sterlin_Chainstay.jpg

     photo Toby_WTP_Sterlin_Stem.jpg

     photo Toby_WTP_Sterlin_Front.jpg

  • Walter Pieringer's 2014 Photo Highlights

    Walter Pieringer has this awesome picture of Del Shepherd in his 2014 Photography Highlights on Ride UK!

    His description is pure gold; "I love his style. Not joking, I love it when dudes get a little loose and don’t have everything perfectly in control. Makes everything so much more interesting and seem that much harder."

  • Emerson Morgan and Chris Doggett M32 Jibbing Video!

    CrucialBMX and Subrosa shredder Emerson Morgan got bare jibs in this new video put together by him and good friend Chris Doggett. Looks like these lads got themselves a light-capturing device so expect a lot more of this sort of stuff this year....

    #CrucialGang #DIYForLife #M32

  • Duncan Smith's 2014 Photo Highlights

    Just like Robin Pearson's photography re-cap last week, local Southwest soul-catcher Duncan Smith also has some great images up on the Ride UK website. You can view them all by CLICKING HERE RIGHT NOW!

    My favourite is clearly the one of MJ doing the Footjam Whip at the Military Base! Check it out below!

     photo MJ_footjam_whip_bank.jpg

  • Ride UK BMX Magazine - Issue 196 Febuary 2015 OUT NOW!

    Ride UK Magazine Issue 196 OUT NOW! It features all the usual great BMX content plus some really nice photographs of our team riders, check it all out and pick up a copy in store or online HERE...

    Also, i have lots of content, from the second half of last year and the first issue of '15, of our team in the Ride UK Magazine that i didn't have a chance to post when it got published. I'll be doing updates and getting that stuff posted now that i have more time.

    In This Issue:
    Fox BMX In ATX - Riding Shotgun
    The B.A.R 2 Overspill - Too Much Of A Good Thing Ain't Bad
    NRLY Lost My Mind - Barcelona Uncovered
    The Happiest Place On Earth - Shangbros In Shanghai
    Proper Bike Co - In Between Days UK Trip
    Tested: Jet – Generate with CrucialBMX Michael Jordan
    Ride UK Reader Awards - The Results. The Winners. The Party!
    High Five - Matthias Dondois
    Catch Up - Mike Curley
    What They Ride - Pete Sawyer
    Love/Hate - Scott The Punk
    Final Frame - CrucialBMX Sam Cunningham Double Peg on Proper Trip
    Plus the usual - Fresh out the box, Wardrobe, For The Win: BSD Parts Kit, Insta Life Of: Greg Illingworth, Number Cruncher, The Big Question

     photo Ride_196_MJ_TestBike.jpg
    Michael Jordan - CrucialBMX Test Bike - Nose Manual

     photo Ride_196_ProperTrip.jpg
    Proper Bike Co - In Between Days Trip with CrucialBMX Jordan Godwin and Sam Cunningham

     photo Ride_196_ProperTrip_Jordan.jpg
    Jordan Godwin - Pegs Hard 180

     photo Ride_196_ProperTrip_DelShepherdHoffmanAdvert.jpg
    Left - Sam Cunningham slings a B's and Jordan Godwin Over Crank Arm / Right - Del Shepherd Hoffman Bikes Advert

     photo Ride_196_ProperTrip_Sam.jpg
    Sam Cunningham - Double Peg

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