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  • Welcome to the CrucialBMX Team - Jordan Godwin

    First off let me start this with an apology, this post is over a week late. I said that I was going to drop team rider news last weekend but an unfortunate turn of events meant that I didn’t have time to get it done. I know I’ve let you all down real bad and how will you ever believe me again....but anyway here is the lowdown on our latest addition:

    Jordan Godwin or ‘golden boy’ depending on whom you speak too has been making some rather large waves in the BMX scene this summer. Going from a name that almost no-one outside of South Wales knew to going on two large trips with separate companies, being in a nation-wide DVD, having a big magazine article by the UK’s number one BMX magazine and gaining multiple sponsors all within a few months. At only 19 this is a great triumph and it’s all extremely well deserved, Jordan’s riding clearly speaks for itself.

    Now, I get the feeling that a lot of people already thought that Jordan was part of the CrucialBMX Team however this isn’t true, he’s been a friend of myself and the shop since he first picked up a BMX but nothing was ever official until now.

    I remember one of the very first times I met Jordan properly, he came into the shop looking for a full custom setup while being wheeled by his mother with not one but TWO broken ankles. Coming from a MotoX background like myself we got talking and instantly clicked. It was clear from the beginning that, just like on a BMX, he was a boss at racing and gave it 100% effort. It was at this point, even though he couldn’t walk, I had a feeling that he would one day be a rider that everyone will know about if he took BMX seriously.

    Since this first encounter Jordan stayed in contact and supported the shop as much as he can, as soon as i had any opportunity to give something back and help him get him into the spotlight it was the least I could do.

    Jordan tagged along on his first ever BMX trip outside of the UK to Barcelona with myself and partner in crime Emerson Morgan for the DUB Street Series Jam. This trip was the first time we had spent a long period of time together and it only reinforced my decision that I needed to get him on the team. I remember thinking to myself that if another shop hooked him up, I would be extremely gutted.

    I can’t wait to see how the future plans out but I know for one thing that Jordan Godwins name will be one that you better get used to seeing...


    Here is Jordan getting a double peg to hard 180 done on quite possibly the most sketchy rail I can think of:
     photo Godwin_WelcomeToTheTeam_DPHard180_FlatsRail_BikeTestDay_Small.jpg

  • Happy CrucialBMX Birthday to Bob Manchester!

    A year older today and also having the time of his life out in the USA, majorly JEALOUS BRO. Have a fucking sick one you nutter! #CrucialGang

  • CrucialBMX Lee Enever Bar Spin to Fakie in town!

    Street slayer Lee Enever lays down a timeless bar spin to fakie on an extra awkward and very uneven bank in Stokes Croft, Bristol. This was used along with Chef who we posted yesterday in Ride UK BMX Basics Magazine.

    This was the first ever photograph i've shot using a 3 off camera flash setup.


  • CrucialBMX David 'Chef' Cook Table at Deanlane Skatepark!

    This was used in our double page advert in BMX Basics along with #CrucialGang Lee Enever!

     photo Chef_Table_DeanLane_Summer2014_FB_Smallcopy.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Happy Birthday to Del Shepherd! 18 Today!

    It's a big one! CrucialBMX rider Del Shepherd turns 18 today, everyone go wish him a good day. From what i saw on snap-chat last night he's got one sore head coming his way....


     photo DelTuckNoHanderFlipGrove.jpg

  • CrucialBMX CULT B-Boy Custom for Will Slater!

    f you've ever drank at the Apple Cider Boat in town then there is a good chance you've seen the legend of Will Slater! He was also part of the crew i went with to ride the new Ruben Skatepark at the end of last year in Malaga....He kills it and needed to treat his bike to some TLC and it was in a bit of a sorry state.

    We hooked him up with a fresh CULT B-Boy Frame in Matte Black, Fly Agua Forks and Montana Bars in Gloss Black, Profile Race Cranks, Fly sprocket and of course the usual treatment of Headset, bottom bracket and a chain for his new whip.

    It came out real well, and i hear it rides amazingly! The Gloss and Matte Black combination looks awesome and is a nice touch without standing out too much.


     photo Will_Slater_Bike1copy.jpg

     photo Will_Slater_Bike2.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Happy Birthday to Adam Dear!

    CrucialBMX would like to wish ADAM DEAR the biggest Happy Birthday EVER! Hope you're having a sick time, i'm sure it will be epic knowing you pal...

    Adam has been one of my best friends for a long time, from the earliest possible memories of riding he's always been there; from the moment i first stepped on a BMX and frustratingly learned Double-Pegs/tire-taps right through to opening the shop and then forever since. At the moment he's currently taking a few years of his life to travel and explore the world so i haven't seen him for a while however i'll be catching up with him early next year so hopefully he can show me what he's been up to and the wonders he's seen/rode.

    Here is a crazy good photograph shot by Kris Avery, he's a sick photographer that's also out in New Zealand at the moment traveling around taking the most breath taking shots so follow his Tumblr by CLICKING HERE

     photo Adam_Dear_TurnDown_Kris_Avery_NZ.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Cappy Smith Downside Whip - Ride UK Test Bike

    This is awesome! Cappy Smith scored this sick photograph with Duncan Smith for the latest Ride UK Magazine Bike Test! A sweet downside whip on the Bank to Rail in Bristol, this is a hommage to the times its been done before. Classic. #CrucialGang

  • Welcome to the CrucialBMX Team - Sam Cunningham!

    For those of you that have already seen the new issue of RIDE UK (191) and peeped our advert, the cat’s out the bag, for those that haven’t seen the advert yet or want to find out more please keep reading;

    I’m over the moon to be able to announce that street-slayer Sam Cunningham is now riding for us here at CrucialBMX. This is exciting news and something we are extremely proud of. You may have seen a few hints over the summer, but until now we had to keep it on the d-low.

    Sam has been killing it for a number of years. He’s got that new school street-tech style that works so well, definitely not scared to send himself when needed, he isn’t all nibbles like some other riders. He’s been on our radar since the first time we met, which was quite sometime ago now however every time we ride he always impresses and blows my mind in some way or other, usually with some nose or grind wizardry.

    I’ve personally shot a couple of pictures of Sam over the years for him to use with other sponsors of some pretty gnarly stuff. This leads me on to say that although CrucialBMX is a big deal, Sam also rides for Proper Bike Co through IMG and Adidas Clothing. This works well as it’s always a good move to have a team rider that’s backed by a legit BMX company!

    I believe Sam is currently suffering with a bit of a shoulder problem, which seems to be a trend with all new team riders as Holly Bendall was also out with the same injury when she joint forces with us.

    That being said, make sure to catch up with Mr. Cunningham on the Proper ‘In Between Days’ UK Tour that’s happening on the 23rd till the 30th of August. You can follow all their progress and hopefully meet up with them for a ride by checked this page –

    That’s all from me, enjoy these photographs and hopefully soon we will be able to drop an edit with Sam!

     photo Sam_Ice_Hengrove_Fish1_Team.jpg
    Sam with an ice-pick as seen in our most recent advert

     photo SamC_Bar_Town_Fish_Preview_Team.jpg
    Gnarly bar photo from last year

     photo Sam_C_Team_Group.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Manager Danny Taylor Hip Line at the local!

    Photo by Paul Turner!

     photo Danny_PumpTrack_Hip_Tuck_Paul.jpg

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