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  • CrucialBMX rider Cameron Thaws X Blank X Split Second Imports

     photo 1503470_594153480656451_1078221985_n_zps8c2187e2.jpg

  • Happy Birthday to CrucialBMX Racer Sam Leggett

    A massive CrucialBMX Happy Birthday to our awesome Racing Team rider Sam Leggett!

    Sam has been having a bit of a rough time lately so i'm sure he would appreciate it if you go send him some love along with a big happy birthday.

    Stoked that things are looking up for him and looking forward to supporting him with everything he needs in 2014.

    Keep it real buddy

     photo Sam_Leggett_zpsff9b885b.jpg

  • Emerson Morgan Subrosa Bike Check!

    We are over the moon to be able to announce that Emerson Morgan is now riding for Subrosa through Seventies Distribution! Emerson has been silently killing it for a number of years in the southwest and its well deserved that he has a legit company to represent. I can’t wait to see what sort of next level riding that he will produce now.

    I think its fair to say that he now has one of best looking rides I’ve seen in a while. Getting full Subrosa treatment. Slight hind of Shadow finishes it off perfectly!

    Here is what he’s rolling with –

    FRAME: Subrosa Balum V2
    FORKS: Shadow Captive – Quick Offset
    BARS: Subrosa Villicus 8.5”
    STEM: Subosa Hold On Top Load Stem
    GRIPS: Subosa Villicus V2 Grip
    CRANKS: Subosa Bitchin 2.5pc Cranks
    SPROCKET: Subosa Devil Disc 25T
    PEDALS: Shadow Ravager Plastic Pedals
    CHAIN: Shadow Interlock V2 Chain
    SEAT: Subosa Forever Pivotal Seat Mid
    SEAT POST: Subrosa Pivotal Seat Post
    REAR HUB: Subrosa Posi Trac Cassette Hub 9T
    FRONT HUB: Subrosa Posi Trac Front Hub
    HUB GUARDS: Subrosa Chromoly Hub’s
    RIMS: Shadow Corvus Rims
    TYREs: Subosa Street Digger 2.25”

    Emerson has some good stuff coming up soon in the pipeline. Look out for him in 2014.

    I’ll leave you with these from a chill session.

     photo Emerson_Subrosa_Together_zps988669af.jpg
    Sweet ride bro!

     photo Emerson_Subrosa_Bike1_zps7741a074.jpg

    > photo Emerson_Subrosa_Bike2_zpsc34f694b.jpg

     photo Emerson_Subrosa_CanJam_zps3e0a99db.jpg
    Steezy canjam on this awkward ghetto quarter pipe

     photo Emerson_Subrosa_NoseManual_zpse524e8fd.jpg
    Nose manual from right to left

  • Congrats to CrucialBMX racer Jordi Hart!

    CrucialBMX Racing team rider Jordi Hart placed 2nd overall in the London Winter Series! Congratulations!

     photo JordiHart_zps32b2f1b7.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Complete Race Bikes!

    BMX Racing is growing, its a sport that is on the incline and for good reasons!

    Here at CrucialBMX we provide complete racing specific BMX bikes that are up to the job. We have bikes that suit all sorts of price ranges and abilities, from lads having their first practice session at a local track to big name professionals that are competing in national events in front of crowds of hundreds...We got it all!

    Please check out our full range of bikes by clicking here, you never know one of these could be the perfect Christmas present!

     photo Birmingham_BMX_Racing_Team_zpsac877b13.jpg

  • Our thoughts go out to our rider Cam Hardy

    Got back from my trip to Malaga to some very unfortunate news. Our team rider Cam Hardy was knocked off his bike in London on Friday night after leaving work, he's in the hospital at the moment and although he injuries are not life-threatening he isn't in a great way either. I'm not 100% clear on the details but it could be as serious as broken bones in his neck...

    All of our thoughts are with Cam at the moment, hopefully you'll be on the mend in no time pal.

    Here is Cam back in the summer with a tree ride:

     photo CAM_TreeRide_zps10de1c58.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Motion Skatepark Jam 2013

    I hope that you enjoy this video of all the highlights from our CrucialBMX Motion Jam! The clips are not in any particular order, its just a mash up of all the awesome stuff that went down that day.

    It features our own Team, the Amateur and the Professional competition riders.

    I hope everyone that came along to watch or ride enjoyed the day, we will be doing another one very soon.

    Shout out to Sam Wise for filming this all

    We much appricate all the support everyone gives us


    Here are the results of the day:

    Amateur Competition -
    1) George Batty
    2) Brad Hill
    3) Sam Jones

    Professional Competition -
    1) James Jones
    2) Ryan Elcock
    3) Del Shepherd

    Highest Air Competition - James Jones

     photo MJ_Table_Motion_zps0b2eec38.jpg

  • Happy CrucialBMX Birthday to our rider Bob Manchester!

    Bob Manchester is the man! Lots of time and respect for this dude, massive CrucialBMX Happy Birthday coming to you my brother.

    Hope you have a smashing day, i'm sure you'll get loose as fuck!

    Keep it real G


     photo BOB_Birthday_turndown_zps14139daf.jpg

  • Lots of bikes in stock! Great deals on 2012/13 and the brand spanking new 2014 models!

    I've spent all day today cleaning up out of stock bikes and making sure our website is as up to date with the latest deals on 2012 and 2013 model bikes, and that the brand new 2014 models that just landed with us are on there for you to check out and order for Christmas....

    Click here to check out all of our brilliant BMX's we have in stock

    This is our show-room for those that haven't been to the actual store:
     photo Crucial_Bedminster_BikeRoom_Small_zps89a1be8e.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Custom Bike - Will Bennett's '3rd time lucky' S&M ATF

    This is one good looking bit of kit, it's been a while since we have featured a bike on here, so what better to start with than this absolute machine that we put together with one of my good friends Will Bennett.

    I want to say that this bike is an absolute tank, but that puts a picture of it being heavy and sluggish which it's quite the opposite of, this nimble street inspired BMX is the perfect all-rounder. Will has put his stamp on things with the higher than normal seat position and bars ever so slightly forward.

    The colours work very well together! The bold translucent red S&M ATF frame is a great base for the mostly black, but with a splatter of polished, bits to get bolted to.

    Will has said that the bike is the most solid he's ever had, with manuals being a little bit more twitchy but everything else feeling great. That will be the perfect S&M geometry coming in to play!

    So, why the title of 3rd time lucky? Well, poor Will has been through a few frames within no time at all for no apparent reason. This would be his 3rd frame in about 8 months or so, after being unlucky with two fly frames which came as a surprise to us.

    Frame: S&M ATF
    Fork: Animal Barrett Forks
    Bars: Merritt 'Where in the world' Bars
    Stem: Demolition?
    Grips: ODI Longneck
    Headset: Odyssey
    Seat: Shadow
    Cranks: Fit indent 24mm
    Sprocket: Odyssey MDS
    Chain: Shadow Conspiracy interlock
    Tyres: Shadow Conspiracy
    Front Rim/hub: Shadow Orbis / Shadow Hub
    Rear Rim/hub: Shadow Stun / Shadow Cassette
    Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
    Extras: Couple of pegs and hub-guards

     photo WillB_ATF_Him_zpsac73395d.jpg

     photo WillB_ATF_Bike1_zps37564bdc.jpg

     photo WillB_ATF_Bike2_zps7c6f4e2d.jpg

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