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  • CrucialBMX Emerson Table at Yate by Josh Rugman

    This table shot by photographer Josh Rugman is INSANELY high! Emerson Morgan got mega pop on his home-turf wee flat bank. Shout out to my YATE homies #CrucialGang

    To see more riding shots of Emerson and the other locals click HERE

     photo Emerson_Table_Yate_Josh.jpg

  • Check out the ramp we have for the competition at Volks Fest!

    I'm going to do a more detailed post this weekend about the amazing competition we are holding at the best Car show and festival EVER! For now though i'll just leave you with this image of what we've got being installed this week on location..

    Coming all the way from Munich in Germany, just for VOLKSFEST, to be open to the public and for our competition there i give you:

     photo VolksFest_Ramps_Together.jpg

  • Crucial Custom Standard 125R BMX Bike - Paul Turner

    Another absolutely banging Crucial Custom Bike! This is a dual purpose steed put together by us for good friend of the shop Paul Turner.

    You may of seen or heard of his name around our website before, or if you look close enough on a couple of our printed adverts this year you will of seen it. Paul captures some amazing photographs and we often feature them in magazines and online. When possible Paul shoots a variety of subjects however his biggest love is Trails and Racing! You'll often find him down the local watering hole digging a new line and snapping away like a man possessed, often to your dismay as he will then photoshop you into much more sinister situations....

    All of this is reflected greatly in his bike. Needing something that he could use to rip through the trails on a sunny Sunday but then also use to race competitively on club meetings during the week. What you see before you was born as a dual purpose new-school hybrid trails boss weapon!

    Taking all the much needed requirements from a steezy trail machine and also a competitive race bike and mashing them together could of resulted in something obscene however between us and Paul i think we have absolutely nailed it. I honestly can't think of a single way that it could be improved, there were talks about running a chrome frame but i feel like that might of been a little bit too much. The translucent red with gold graphics contrasts perfectly with the raw/polished parts and really pop's out at you.

    Its not only a pretty face though, i've had many conversations with him about how amazing it rides and how perfectly setup the geometry of the custom made Standard frame is. I get the feeling it was definitely worth the 8 weeks it took to arrive from the USA.

    Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at these photographs as much as we enjoyed helping Paul through the whole process

    FRAME: Standard 125R SBC - Translucent Red
    FORKS: Demolition Elite Forks - Chrome
    BARS: S&M Slam Bars - Chrome
    STEM: Primo Aneyerlator V2 Top Load Stem
    GRIPS: ODI Longneck Grips
    CRANKS: Profile GDH Race Cranks - 175mm
    SPROCKET: Profile Imperial - 27T
    PEDALS: Answer MPH Senior Pedals
    CHAIN: KMC Kool 710
    SEAT: WeThePeople Pivotal Seat
    SEAT POST: Answer Pivotal Seat Post
    REAR HUB: Profile Mini Cassette Hub - Polished
    FRONT HUB: Profile Mini Front Hub - Polished
    RIMS: 34R Roto Rim's - Chrome
    PEGS: N/A
    TYRES: Maxxis DTH Tyres

     photo Paul_Standard_Custom.jpg

     photo Paul_Standard_Custom2.jpg

     photo Paul_Standard_Custom3.jpg

  • Ashley White's Total Custom, and delivery in stock!

    We just had a MASSIVE drop of all the latest Total BMX products, here is what just came in:

    Killabee Frame
    Hangover Frame
    Voltron V2
    Killabee Bars
    Rock N Roll Lite Sprocket
    Hangover Cranks (Now in Chrome too)
    Limelight Forks
    SandStorm Pivotal Seat
    Team Front Load Stem (Now in Purple too)

    Ashley White was waiting patiently so he could build up this sweet ride as soon as this arrived. You can't go wrong with a Frame, Bars and Forks setup in any of the stunning metallic colours that Total offer. This green looks stunning:

     photo IMG_2987.jpg

  • Welcome to the CrucialBMX Team - Holly Bendall

    Really excited to be able to announce that we have an awesome new team rider, doing it for the girls we are now sponsoring the very talented Holly Bendall.

    We are over the moon that she has join forces with us and can't wait to do a whole bunch of dope stuff with her. Holly has some really good ideas as to the direction she wants to go with her BMX and we're 110% behind her....You'll be seeing a lot!

    At the moment Holly is injured with a bit of a painful shoulder problem from Skiing; oh yeah did i forget to mention that not only does she kill it on a BMX with super smooth style but she is also a really good snowboarder/surfer and loves to cruise around on her skateboard. Winner!

    I'll be reporting back as soon as i can with more information on all the fun stuff that you can expect from Holly. For now, this image of Holly and her new bike will have to do.

    Welcome to the CrucialBMX Team

     photo Holly_B_Welcome_Picture_Small.jpg

  • Ride UK Magazine - Issue 187 NOW IN STOCK!

    We got the new issue of Ride UK in! Number 187.

    Like always, clicking HERE will take you to our online website where you can order one and have it turn up at your door the next working day!

    Otherwise take a look at the few things we have in there this issue.

    Here is MJ sending a 540 over this barrier for the 'Restricted Access - Beyond the razor wire' article
     photo Mag2.jpeg

    When you come into the shop, you get served by a very handsome man, he's called Jordan Withey and here is his testing the Diamondback Forum 2014
     photo Mag3.jpeg

    And our advert in this issue
     photo Mag1.jpeg

  • BMX Racing Winter Series Results!

    Just wanted to say a quick well done to all of our team riders that competed in the Winter BMX Racing Series! You all rode amazing but here are the results for the ones that got a position overall:

    5 Year Old - Zailan Johnson 1st place
    8 Year Old - Lauren Hill 2nd place
    11 Year Old - Alfie Lovell 1st place
    16 year old - Aaron Holloway 1st place
    30 + Group - Jason Hill 1st place


     photo Danny_Shandy_Racing_PaulT_Photo_Blog.jpg

  • Back from Barca, back to reality (plus video)

    It felt like it was back to reality with a big crash as i drove to work this morning in the rain....

    Well what a bloody trip! I'll start by first saying that as a first time Barcelona go'er that it was absolutely everything that they say it is! The city is one giant skatepark, the girls are top notch, the weather is better (sometimes) and they sure know how to throw a party at Nasty Mondays. I will be going back out as soon as i possibly can!

    The DUB JAM was good fun too, bit of a shame that it got rained off on Sunday. The only day H2O fell from the sky. Quick thinking and with help from everyone got it back up and running the following day, however i heard that a lot of people had flights on to catch on Monday so a few big names were not present. It was also a bit of a shame that it just fizzled out at the end due to police interruption.

    All the guys i went with absolutely killed it; Emerson Morgan, Cappy Smith, Jordan Godwin, Cam Wheeler and Max Higginson. I can't wait to put together the dope clips we collected on the few days leading up to the jam. Its going to be a quick banger and i'm stoked that i think everyone including myself got clips.

    For now though, FreedomBMX already has have an edit out already with a clip of Emerson (no named rider in the Subrosa Acid T) and TWO clips of Max Higginson (No named rider with bright yellow frame), so CLICK HERE AND WATCH THIS (Sorry couldn't embed it)

     photo Homies.jpg

  • Rollin' deep as the rest arrive!

    Today was mellow, first day cruising the streets. Stacked loads of clips and found unbelievable amounts to ride. Looking forward to getting straight on it tomorrow!

    3 more homies just arrive; Jordan Godwin, Max Higginson and Cam Wheeler. That makes 6 of us now.

     photo Emerson_chilling_zpscfe65256.jpg

     photo Emerson_FootPlant_zps62962f19.jpg

     photo Crew_zps96ad7fef.jpg

  • Barcelona 2014 - DUB JAM

    Most of you follow our instagram (@CrucialScott to follow) so i'm sure you would of seen that myself, Emerson Morgan and Cappy Smith are in sunny (sometimes) Barcelona.

    We got 3 more joining us tomorrow, come back to see who it is...


     photo Air_Port_zps2d046cc1.jpg

     photo Hotel_Outside_zpsaa6ffedb.jpg

     photo Hotel_Room1_zpsf2b96ba2.jpg

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