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  • The Queen Is Dead BMX Jam - Bath Skatepark on Saturday 17th January!

    There is an awesome skatepark jam going on for Victoria Skatepark in Bath called 'The Queen Is Dead' from 12pm tomorrow. It's been arranged because very soon work will start on the skatepark to remove it and put a new concrete park in its position. While this might be good for the younger users many of us older guys will remember the 20 plus years of BMX history and heritage that's gone on there...The Vert Ramp is probably the last one in existence in the SouthWest for example!

    Get your final rides in this weekend, while being involved in this totally free event. Show your support and also check out what the new layout will be like....

    Here is the information from the people setting this up:

    "With Bath Victoria Skatepark soon to be demolished to make way to an awesome new concrete facility, we want to give those glorious metal curves the send off they deserve.

    They'll be a few comps and dome small prizes to give out:

    - high hop
    - vert ramp highest air
    - grind block best trick
    - midi ramp best trick/run

    Some of the guys from CrucialBMX Shop in Bristol will also be involved and riding.

    Will be building a little ledge and kicker to spice things up, but limited by what will fit in my car. If anyone has any portable rails or ramps etc, feel free to bring them down.

    Should be a good time, be there or be square!

     photo 10904468_10153669040065260_3343530520909492396_o.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Brighton Ain't Ready 2014 DVD Premiere!

    Short notice everyone, but this weekend is too busy and next week is too close to Christmas so we are holding the....

    BRIGHTON AIN'T READY 2014 DVD PREMIERE on Friday 19th December at 7:30pm in CrucialBMX Shop!

    Come along and watch the much anticipated DVD produced by Mike King and Seventies. It features all the teams and riders, over 30 of them including #CrucialGang shredder Emerson Morgan

    DVD run-time is about an hour

    We also will have FREE copies for everyone that attends

    If i can track down an original copy of Bright Ain't Ready from the first time around then i will and we will have it playing before the new one

    Afterward we are all going to ride Cardiff Rampworld that is open until midnight if anyone wants to get involved.

    The shop will also be open from 9am till the DVD ends that day, we will not be closing at 5:30pm because we are open late night till 8pm every weekday till Christmas anyway.....

    Look forward to seeing you all



     photo bar2-front.jpg

     photo 1505222_906444006053114_38375593280256589_n.jpg

  • Jordan Godwin Ride UK issue 195 Cover!

    Congratulations to #CrucialGang Jordan Godwin for getting the cover of the Proper Bikes version of RIDE UK Warehouse Project Issue 195. This is an amazing feat for such a new rider, here is the "your face when you get a cover of Ride UK Magazine" photograph....

    We don't have any magazines for sale yet, i actually gave Jordan my only issue to take with him on the Eclat trip Wednesday, we should have copies in early next week to sale. As soon as the magazine drops i'll be posting about the other awesome photographs the Crucial team riders got which includes an awesome crank-arm banger by shredder Sam Cunningham!

    Watch the full Proper Bike Co Warehouse Project Video here:

     photo Jordan_Godwin_Cover_RideUK_FBcopy.jpg

  • 10% OFF EVERYTHING (Friday 28th November)

    Starting tomorrow we have 10% off EVERYTHING ONLINE using the discount code 'BLACKFRIDAY' at the cart-checkout when purchasing through the website.

    The deal starts at midnight tonight and runs until midnight Friday, we then have another great deal coming on Cyber Monday.

    Get yourself to the website now - - and select what you want, not long to go until the code becomes active!

     photo Crucial_Mitch_BlackFriday_Tomorrow.jpg

  • Happy CRUCIALBMX Birthday to Jordan Godwin!

    Jordan Godwin, Happy coming out your mothers ****** Day!

    Peep this amazing Proper advert he was recently featured in and also check out the new video edit they just dropped.....HEAVY CLIPS with fellow team mate Sam Cunningham!

     photo ProperJordanGodwinAdSPSfinal.jpg

  • CrucialBMX X Motion Ramp Park Jam Results + Video + Pictures!

    Big shout out to all the people that turned up to our BMX Jam at Motion Ramp Park the weekend just gone! We had a great turn out with over 60 riders competing in both Amateur and Pro. It looked like everyone had a good time with lots of smiles from all ages of riders. We hope you all went away satisfied and with some prizes...

    If you missed the results then please check out the winners of each competition below:

    Pro - 1st Place) Jack Watts, 2nd Place) Oskars Zajarski, 3rd Place) Jack Young
    Amateur - 1st Place) Luke ???, 2nd Place) Josh Newman, 3rd Place) Nic James

    We hope everyone had a great day and we plan to make the next one even bigger and slightly better organised ;)

    You might of spotted Joe Martin filming on the day, check out the edit he put together below along with the photographs by Paul Turner


     photo 15752968111_2971987d6b_k.jpg

     photo 15570021450_23c68a8b3c_k.jpg

     photo 15103402484_353f76d32a_k.jpg

     photo 15525721607_2e132038ac_k.jpg

     photo 15709026841_a4bff1e22b_k.jpg

  • CrucialBMX X Motion BMX Jam - Sunday 9 November '14

    CrucialBMX X Motion BMX Jam!

    Sunday 9th November – 12pm till 6pm

    You all know how this works; we are holding the first BMX jam in the new Motion layout on this sacred Sunday. We need you all to come down, get involved and have a fun day riding or just watching and supporting. Hopefully everyone will win some of the great prizes that our sponsors have kindly donated. Don’t fret if you don’t get lucky with competition prizes because we will have lots of stickers and other freebies to give out during the day

    Price to ride for the day along with entering into the competitions - £TBC

    We are going to be running practice sessions in the morning, then the Amateur Competition and finishing up with the Professional group.

    Ask anyone who has ridden the new layout and they will tell you that it’s a super fun design that now incorporates the main skatepark with a street section. Super floaty hips, Spine, Jump Box, Mini Ramp, Step Up and even more to ride (just check out the pictures we uploaded on our main shop facebook page)

    Looking forward to seeing the Bristol BMX scene plus further a field coming together to support our local indoor park.


    To all the over 18’s Motions Bar will be open all day

    Thanks too:
    Motion Ramp Park
    Zeal BMX
    4Down Distribution
    Split Second Imports
    IMG Distribution


     photo Flyer1.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Barcelona 2014 Video

    This video was suppose to drop Sunday evening so i do apologise for it being a day late! Slight technical hitch due to copyrighted music, Vimeo was having none of it however Youtube is playing ball but it cannot be watched on a mobile device. Little bit of a bummer but at least its out there as there is no way i'm re-editing it.


    Back in march 2014 we went on a Crucial X Subrosa Trip to Barcelona to get involved in the DUB ‘Street Series’ JAM that was going on. The trip was amazing; great weather, good spots and a sick crew. It was all of our first time to the incredible city.

    We had 6 people on our trip, 3 #CrucialGang Team Riders and 3 local up and coming lads that were keen to tag along for their first out-of-the-UK BMX trip.

    Big thanks to Subrosa, Seventies and CrucialBMX for making this trip happen.

    Scott Summerhayes
    Emerson Morgan
    Cappy Smith
    Jordan Godwin
    Max Higginson
    Cam Wheeler

    Filmed badly by Scott & Cappy

    Song: Rick Ross – The Devil Is A Lie
    Instagram: CrucialScott

  • Welcome to the CrucialBMX Team - Sam Cunningham!

    For those of you that have already seen the new issue of RIDE UK (191) and peeped our advert, the cat’s out the bag, for those that haven’t seen the advert yet or want to find out more please keep reading;

    I’m over the moon to be able to announce that street-slayer Sam Cunningham is now riding for us here at CrucialBMX. This is exciting news and something we are extremely proud of. You may have seen a few hints over the summer, but until now we had to keep it on the d-low.

    Sam has been killing it for a number of years. He’s got that new school street-tech style that works so well, definitely not scared to send himself when needed, he isn’t all nibbles like some other riders. He’s been on our radar since the first time we met, which was quite sometime ago now however every time we ride he always impresses and blows my mind in some way or other, usually with some nose or grind wizardry.

    I’ve personally shot a couple of pictures of Sam over the years for him to use with other sponsors of some pretty gnarly stuff. This leads me on to say that although CrucialBMX is a big deal, Sam also rides for Proper Bike Co through IMG and Adidas Clothing. This works well as it’s always a good move to have a team rider that’s backed by a legit BMX company!

    I believe Sam is currently suffering with a bit of a shoulder problem, which seems to be a trend with all new team riders as Holly Bendall was also out with the same injury when she joint forces with us.

    That being said, make sure to catch up with Mr. Cunningham on the Proper ‘In Between Days’ UK Tour that’s happening on the 23rd till the 30th of August. You can follow all their progress and hopefully meet up with them for a ride by checked this page –

    That’s all from me, enjoy these photographs and hopefully soon we will be able to drop an edit with Sam!

     photo Sam_Ice_Hengrove_Fish1_Team.jpg
    Sam with an ice-pick as seen in our most recent advert

     photo SamC_Bar_Town_Fish_Preview_Team.jpg
    Gnarly bar photo from last year

     photo Sam_C_Team_Group.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Manager Danny Taylor Hip Line at the local!

    Photo by Paul Turner!

     photo Danny_PumpTrack_Hip_Tuck_Paul.jpg

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