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  • CrucialBMX Bridge Jam 2013 Video and Photographs

    We really did improvise here, definitely made the most of a bad situation!

    The story is that we were going to be having our annual Hengrove Skatepark BMX competition a few weekends ago, we spent ages promoting and arranging the biggest and best competition so far. However mother nature had other plans for us! The morning of the event it looked like it was going to be AOK, we started setting up and as the first few people started to arrive and then skies OPENED UP.....

    Knowing that people had traveled pretty (we had people from London, midlands and from down south) far we could not just tell them to turn around, the park was completely unrideable, quickly we decided that it would be best to get everyone to a local spot that features some nice flat open ground, shelter and a bank to wall. Within minutes we had a convoy of people heading down and the rest you can see in the video.

    It turned out to actually be a really good day, it was far more relaxed and people enjoyed the street aspect of it. We have since tried to rearrange the Hengrove Jam but unfortunately the council don't want to spent anymore money and staff the event, so thats that...

    Hope you all enjoy the video! Please like, comment and share it around. Give us your feedback via our social networking.

    I also dropped loads of photograph of the event on facebook - CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM (TAG YOURSELF)

    Filmed and edited by Sam Wise.

  • CrucialBMX Cam Hardy's Fly Bike Check + Riding Photograph!

    Cam Hardy is the boy, i have lots of respect for this guy.

    Cam has had a rough past couple of years with regards to riding, being seriously demotivated and not necessarily being into the vibe of the company he was riding for really got him down. He had his own signature range of parts and in the early stages it looked like he was on to a winner, however unfortunately things didn't materialise quite like he was promised and then to top it all off the brand decided to completely change they way they do business and stop supporting the local high street stores. Cam has been riding for us for a number of years and understands the importance that a local shop brings to BMX and the surrounding scene.

    Fortunately at the beginning of this year Cam was able to completely cut all ties with the said company, he ditched his own parts and with the help of us we have managed to pull together a bike that he was happy to ride.

    Since we have been on a couple of trips with Cam and i'd like to think that he feels more at home and positive with where he is at now. He absolutely killed it on our Crucial Trails Trip but you'll have to wait for the edit and article to come out before you can see it.

    I'm sure that Cam will attend our event this Sunday at Hengrove, so if you see him make sure you give him a high 5.

    I hope that you enjoy checking out his bike and this spectacular photograph of his tree ride!

    ALSO keep an eye out for his talented younger brother as well, Tyler Hardy. He has a edit dropping with us incredibly soon that is just something else...Believe me i've seen the clips!


     photo Cam_Fly_BikeCheck_Finished_zps32f11b8c.jpg

  • Vans X Haro UK Shop Tour at CrucialBMX Friday 2nd of August!

    This is going to be so awesome! Roll on Friday when the Vans UK Team descend on the shop for our Haro Old-School inspired day. We are putting our brilliant mini-ramp up in the car park (along with the other ramps too) so please come down for a ride, to check out the BMX History and to grab some freebies....

    Friday 2nd August
    2pm till 6pm
    Mini-Ramp, Jump Box, Grind ledges/rail and more to ride
    Vans UK Team attending (CrucialBMX rider Vince Mayne)
    Highest Air & Bunny Hop Competition
    Monster will be attending with free Drinks
    Live Music

    This is not something to be missed! Cya Friday!

    "Using the retro spirit of 80's BMX we invite our favorite core stores to activate Old Skool BMX jam in celebration of our highly anticipated Haro collaboration.
    Vans will front £500 for each store to build a gehtto/retour quarter pipe to run a truly old skool inspired big air & bunny hop comp right on their own door step.
    Come meet members of the Vans UK BMX team grab a waffle and some Vans goodies and let us transport you back to the good ol days of BMX!"

     photo VANSXHAROTOUR_zps0a82c874.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Hengrove Competition 2013 - Sunday 4th of August!

     photo CrucialBMXHengroveJam2013FACEBOOK_zpse1a60fa2.jpg

    CrucialBMX Annual Hengrove BMX Jam/Competition! This time we have the whole day just for BMX. Its going to be absolutely amazing, cannot wait for this...

    Sunday 4th of August - 10am till 5pm
    100% BMX ONLY!
    Sign in BEFORE 11am on day of event (or beforehand at Crucial Bedminster)
    CrucialBMX Team Demo's
    Amateur and Pro Competitions
    Best Trip, Highest Air, Rail Competition and more
    Live Music
    Cash Prizes and Tropheys
    Cafe and Playpark on site
    Under 18's need parents or guardians confirmation




    Can't wait to see everyone shredding
    Tel for more information - 0117 307 9096

     photo CrucialBMXHengroveJam2013_zpsd7fb8c59.jpg

  • NASS FESTIVAL 2013! We are off to here tomorrow...

    Its has come around quick! We are heading to NASS Festival tomorrow morning! Please bare with our limited staff that will be in the shop over the weekend if you come in, and if you're at NASS then you have no excuse to not come and see us to say hello...

    Watch this video and get HYPED

  • CrucialBMX Jamie Donaldson Free-coaster Clips

    CrucialBMX employee Jamie Donaldson shows you the advantages of running a free-coaster! As you can see in this quick video, he rolls back without having to pedal back, this special hub has become very fashionable recently. There are massive advantages of being able to roll backwards without having to pedal however one downfall is that once the rider is ready to go forwards again there can be a "gap" in the pedal movement. This is called the free-coaster "slack" and it can be adjusted to a certain extent.

    When a rider is going backwards this is called "Fakie" in the BMX world..

  • Happy Birthday to CrucialBMX Rider Daniel Shepherd!

    19 today big man! Massive CrucialBMX HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. To celebrate, here is a photograph of him getting those hands off on our trip to 4Down last year. This was used for an advert.


     photo Dan_S_TuckNoHander_Eastborne_Resized_zpsace5ddd7.jpg

  • Crucial Custom - Tom Skuse's Proper Trawlerman bike!

    Last month, good friend of mine Tom Skuse wanted a fresh setup for the summer months. We hooked him up with a Proper Trawlerman Frame and whole load of other sick goodies. How dope does this look!

     photo Together_Skuse_TrawlerMan_zpsb0f823f5.jpg

  • CrucialBMX at Bristol BMX Club Race Meeting EVERY WEDNESDAY!

    Don't forget that we support and sponsor Bristol BMX Club's race meetings! They have a local race meet every Wednesday at Patchway Race Track. Unfortunately the weather isn't great for it tonight but its definitely something you should try to get along too. All ages on any type of BMX bike can race, all you need is to have a full-face helmet/Long sleeve Top and Bottoms/Rear Brake.

    They are a great bunch of people and extremely welcoming.

    We always have a shop stall so if there is anything specific you would like us to take along then please don't hesitate to give us a call.

    Here is Alfie Lovell, one of our CrucialBMX Race Team riders, blast around in the wet:

     photo IMG_4335_zpsd20a0629.jpg

  • Crucial Custom Build - Incredible Failure Bike...

    I am so bad with names, like honestly you would never believe how bad. I could be introduced to someone, know their name and then within a couple of seconds its gone. As if someone just deleted it from my conscious mind...

    Which leads me on to how bad i feel when i meet people again or need to remember someones names for something important, you an incredible custom bike we built...

    Anyway, enough about me and the people i forget, what about the bike! This sure turns heads at the skatepark. You definitely need to like purple, we think it's absolutely amazing. The white stickers really pop against the translucent purple.

    Towards the end of May we had a customer in that wanted a full Failure build. We set him up with the Harry Main signature frame, Spar Forks, Maniac Bar and just about everything else they manufacture. Fly cranks, G-Sport Hubs and Rim's, Fit Tyres, 34R Brake setup and a BSD seat-post finish the package off just right.

    Let us know what you think by tagging #CrucialGang on the social media sites!

    Click here to view all the awesome parts that Failure manufacture.

     photo Failure_Custom_Build_zps3d7a5eeb.jpg

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