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  • Crucial Custom Build - Incredible Failure Bike...

    I am so bad with names, like honestly you would never believe how bad. I could be introduced to someone, know their name and then within a couple of seconds its gone. As if someone just deleted it from my conscious mind...

    Which leads me on to how bad i feel when i meet people again or need to remember someones names for something important, you an incredible custom bike we built...

    Anyway, enough about me and the people i forget, what about the bike! This sure turns heads at the skatepark. You definitely need to like purple, we think it's absolutely amazing. The white stickers really pop against the translucent purple.

    Towards the end of May we had a customer in that wanted a full Failure build. We set him up with the Harry Main signature frame, Spar Forks, Maniac Bar and just about everything else they manufacture. Fly cranks, G-Sport Hubs and Rim's, Fit Tyres, 34R Brake setup and a BSD seat-post finish the package off just right.

    Let us know what you think by tagging #CrucialGang on the social media sites!

    Click here to view all the awesome parts that Failure manufacture.

     photo Failure_Custom_Build_zps3d7a5eeb.jpg

  • Fresh tie-dye t-shirts coming real soon...

     photo ScreenShot2013-06-07at155458_zps0f36808e.png

  • The Albion BMX Magazine - Issue 14

    The latest The Albion BMX Magazine came in earlier this week! You know the drill, pick one up free of charge in the store or click here to pick one up online (They ship will all orders)

    This issue is full of really great editorial, here is what you can expect:

    Editorial: This Too Will Pass
    Departure: Jason Phelan and his homage to Mike Escamilla
    How To: Steal A Bike
    Freecoasters: Progress or fleeting fad?
    Colts – Dale Armstrong
    Colts – Troy Merkle
    Holding The Room – Alex ‘Fathead’ Barton-Holmes
    Snakes & Ladders – Shawn Mcintosh
    Taj Mihelich – “You can’t win BMX”
    The Rise & Fall of BACO
    The 100th Monkey

     photo AlbionIssue14_zps0fd6f9fa.jpg

  • Voted 11th best "Independent Bicycle Dealer" in the UK! The only BMX Shop on the list...

    I'm guessing that majority of you that are reading this have probably never read or heard of BikeBiz and definitely didn't see Aprils issue of the magazine.

    BikeBiz is a magazine that is given to all companies/people that are involved in the cyclin industry, we get a copy each month through our door free of charge. Normally i skim over it picking out the good bits, its mostly Mountain/Road Bike based and of little interest to us normally.

    However, Aprils edition dropped onto my desk last month and boy was i shocked at what i found inside. BikeBiz had published an article where they take their readers stories/comment/votes and come up with the TOP 20 INDEPENDENT BICYCLE DEALERS in the UK.

    WE CAME 11TH! Which is well, amazing....Below is pictures of the article, and also a summery of the reason why we were chosen. I had NO idea this was going on, we didn't contribute at all nor did we promote it/ask people to vote for us...

    Might i add that we are the ONLY BMX SHOP on the list, all the other entries are large corporate billions of pounds worth of exclusive high-end bicycle shops where top-notch customer service is expected.

    It was a real honour to see this.

    Thanks BikeBiz for the article, glad someone out there is watch and listening, thank you to anyone that voted/commented or put forward a good story about us.

     photo BB_Top20IBDs_CrucialBMX_Small_zps718052ec.jpg

     photo BikeBIZ-TOP-20-IBD-L76BCB6_SMall_zpse765d895.jpg

     photo image-6_zps04e9dea4.jpeg

     photo image-5_zpsd024f3c6.jpeg

     photo image-4_zps35886e12.jpeg

  • Ride BMX UK Magazine - Issue 176

    Another CrucialBMX packed Ride BMX Magazine...Are we the only people still advertising? ha. We got Max Wood busting out a sick article with good friend of the shop Mike Miller. Trails boy Adam Dear is testing the WeThePeople Envy 2013 and Emerson Morgan featured on our Crucial Advert (which is awesome, as you'd expect!).


    "Issue 176 is here! In fact this maybe in your mitts right now, if not it won’t be long until it is. Here’s what’s inside…It’s this time of year that the road trips really start to get going. The weather kicks in and before you know it you’re in a transit van watching your friend construct a makeshift lavatory from a Pringles tube and an empty tin of lager. We’ve got Walter Pieringer on location in Bogota, Columbia. Proper say Bon Voyage to the UK and nip over the channel with Mike Miller and Max Wood. Jason Phelan and his crew really get into the thick of things in “A Trip Like No Other” to South East Asia. Finally we’re dodging raindrops in Toulouse with Marie Jade and Alex Valentino.

    Premiums big footed hero Jordan Waters gives us a Bunch of Fives.
    Pipe is on hand to give us his very eclectic Loves AND Hates.
    WeThePeople’s Envy complete bike is taken for a test drive in Tested.
    Fancy the VIP treatment at NASS this year? For The Win. Could take care of that this issue..
    Mike Miller’s journey through France and how he clinched the front page is up in Cover Story.
    We take an Insight with Mat Burton and his never ending construction job.
    Two Danny’s up in First Look. Messrs Crossley and Stanzl at your service.
    Robbie Morales allowed us unlimited access to Cult, in this months Industry.
    Sean Burns is the man of the hour in Say What. No more 45-16.
    Greame Hardie updates us on life, BMX and everything in between in Where Are They Now.
    Spot Checking with the awesome new Area 25 park in Ipswich.
    Dale Armstrong and Mike Miller give up their rides so we can inspect them in What They Ride.
    Plus the usual Ride UK regulars, product reviews, entertaining letters and more!"

     photo 176coverrideukbmx_zps9a825b0c.jpg

     photo image-2_zpsc4e3d9f3.jpeg

     photo image_zps4c065aca.jpeg

     photo 29b9b8b9-0a95-4314-aac5-9c85d9997d95_zps3aedc6f4.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Manager Danny Taylor @ Patchway Race Track!

    Awesome snap from last Wednesday at Patchway Race Track! Danny Taylor, out in front. Photograph by Gareth Hart.

     photo Danny_Taylor_Racing_Patchway_zpscd6e5b2c.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Lessons at Motion Skatepark - June 2/16/30th

    Damn! This is going to be so good for our scene here in Bristol. WHO WANTS BMX LESSONS? We are going to be providing them during the summer in Motion Skatepark for all BMX riders, starting next month.

    We are going to be holding hour and a half BMX lessons on Sunday mornings for two levels of BMX riders. One group will be beginners and the other intermediate. Professional BMX riders who are on the CrucialBMX Team will be teaching the lessons. The cost will be £20 per lesson; you can book one or multiple lessons – if you book 3 or more you will get complimentary CrucialBMX goodies. There will be 10 riders to each teacher, this way each rider gets the time and help they deserve.

    Beginners will be able to hire a BMX bike, however intermediate riders will be expected to have their own setup.

    Sunday Mornings at Motion Skatepark
    £20 Per Lesson
    10:15am till 11:45am (1.5 Hours)
    2nd, 16th and 30th of June (Following months dates coming soon)
    Taught by professional riders on the CrucialBMX Team
    Two Groups – Beginner and Intermediate
    Beginners are able to hire a bike
    Food available on site
    Book one or multiple lessons
    Don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information and to book

    Tel: 0117 307 9096
    Email: [email protected]

    All lessons must be booked in advance at CrucialBMX Shop in Bedminster, we can also take bookings over the phone. Full payment must be complete before the date.

    We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of June!

    Thanks to Motion Skatepark for giving us this opportunity.

     photo Motion_BMX_Lesson_Flyer_zps014dc76b.jpg

  • SouthWest BMX - Ride To Glory 2013 Ending Jam Video

    Sam from SouthWest BMX was kind enough to come along to our Ride To Glory ending jam and film a little edit for their blog! Crucial's Emerson Morgan and Dan Shepherd have a few decent clips, check it out below...

  • Been sat on this for a while - CrucialBMX Dan Shepherd's Volume Bermuda Frame

    Honestly i've probably had this sat on my hard-drive for at least a month if not more! I expect all the Bristol locals have already seen how dope this bike looks in the flesh...

    Anyway, Dan Shepherd needed a new frame, was totally into the Yellow/Black splattered of the new Volume Bermuda (click here to get one yourself) so we hooked him up. As easy as that!...It looks a treat especially with the gold BL Hubs.

    What do you think?

     photo Dan_Shepherd_Volume_Frame_zps1392bb14.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Kink Bike "SQUASH IT" DVD Premiere! This Saturday + FREE COPY TO EVERYONE THAT ATTENDS

    We have just been informed that we can hold the FIRST EVER UK premiere of the brand spanking new KINK BIKES 'SQUASH IT' DVD!

    This is going to coincide with the RIDE UK 'Ride To Glory 2013' Ending Jam. To find out what else is going on this day follow these links to the main event page:



    Please check out all the amazing stuff we have going on during this day, the RTG Jam will start at 3pm and the DVD will be on at 6:30pm. The RTG winner presentation will be after the DVD has finished.

    These riders have full sections in this DVD:

    Chris Doyle
    Sean Sexton
    Tony Hamlin
    Ben Hittle
    Darryl Tocco
    Lloyd Wright


    If you have been following it this is a MUST SEE DVD! You would be insane to miss out...PLUS YOU'LL GET A FREE COPY TO TAKE HOME!


    Scott Summerhayes

     photo 941895_10152320477005260_1616109206_n_zps932b451c.jpg

     photo 3f44e798-02ed-4a8a-9694-659b713217c0_zps4417a0ba.jpg

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