What a brilliant weekend racing at what's officially now named 'The Beth Shriever BMX Track'.

Our team gave it their all, pushing right till the end, even with that headwind. It’s exciting to see that we’ve moved into 1st place in the incredibly stacked 2022 UK Elite Teams group.

We had some phenomenal results; Taylor Hunt, Beth Shriever, Callum Knight, Adam Brazil, Brynley Savage, and Tom Palmer all took the overall Win on one or both of the weekends rounds. ⁠

Alex Talbott and Eddie Moore sent it and gave the Junior and Superclass pack a run for their money, you’ll be there next time lads! Big up to Sophie Ellwood for taking the weekend in her stride and not letting anything stand in her way.

Thank you to all of our team family, Customers and Track Officials for making BMX awesome. Bring it on at the Cumbernauld Centurions BMX Track...

All images by Tony at TT Photography - He’s done a great job at capturing the moment at Cyclopark, check it out below:

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Our Team:
Brynley Savage
Beth Shriever
Sophie Ellwood
Ryan Martin
Eddie Moore ⁠
Matthew Bourne
Adam Brazil
Michael Gough
Alfie Lovell ⁠
Benjamin Martinez
Danny Taylor
Brett Knight ⁠
Callum Knight
Thomas Palmer ⁠
Aaron Holloway
Alexander Talbott ⁠
Oliver Copping ⁠
Jenson Hunt ⁠
Taylor Hunt ⁠
Elisha Jamera
Itai Jamera ⁠
Jayden Seward
Emie Seward ⁠
Libby Copping
Reggie Palmer ⁠